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iMTB Africa Specialises In

  • Trail Feasibility Studies 

  • Trail Design

  • GIS Mapping

  • Trail Building

  • Trail Grading

  • Signage (intelligent)

We create trails for Mountain Biking, Trail Running and Hiking. 

We can help you access your wilderness with professional,

ecologically friendly and sustainable trails.

Let us help you plan your next project. 

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View work by trail designer Warrick Kemp
iMTB Africa
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Trail Design & Building

In close consultation with our clients we design trails to optimise the natural landscape for the trail users physical and visual pleasure. Through years of experience we have developed and employ a system which minimise trail erosion and maximise trail experience.

Trail Mapping

With an easy to read colour coded trail system, we use Hires Satellite Maps imagery as our background for better orientation, point of reference and navigation. Let us help you map your trail network.  

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Trail Signage


Our signage system offers key information in situ at every trail junction. Detailing crucial trail facts for each trail option - the trail user is able to make an informed and correct decision.

Trails Designed and Built by Warrick Kemp

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